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Tiga Rauleon (ティーガ・ラウレオン) is an exclusive character from the video game Re:Zero: The Prophecy of the Throne and is Melty Pristis's former knight. After defeating Wolf and Pooka, he stepped down as a knight and lives with Melty, Salum/Wolf and Pooka in Kararagi to rejoin the circus with his old ringleader.


Tiga's attire consists of a long violet suit with gold highlights and black pants and boots. He adorns himself with a jet-black bowl-shape hat, a purple rose on his coat, and a gold necklace that is the shape of the Divine Dragon.


Tiga is a young man who acts as Melty's knight. He gives off a somewhat flirtatious vibe. Even though he is a knight, he is not from the Royal Army, but a knight of the Church of the Divine Dragon that Melty designated to accompany her. Like Subaru, he is on Melty side on his own initiative. He's a nice guy with a refreshing personality. However when it comes to Melty, the atmosphere is completely different from usual, and similar to Subaru when he shows affection towards Emilia, Tiga shows affection towards Melty as more than a knight as he tells his feelings towards her, but she doesn't take him seriously due to his casual demeanor.


Before Tiga became a knight, he was an orphan in Kararagi until he was adopted by the ringleader of a circus to become a traveling entertainer. As he was traveling, he met a little girl named Melty and became friends. He then left his career as an entertainer to be with Melty and they have been together ever since.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Tiga has Divine Protection of Insensitivity (無神経の加護 Mushinkei no Kago). It allows his body that couldn't be interfered with by any outside influences, whether be magical enhancement or impairment. Some examples of this are when he first met Emilia in the Manor, he can see through the robe that blocks Emilia's identity, and Melty's Evil Eye of Indoctrination, he is unaffected by her third eye's indoctrination.

Skilled Swordsman: Tiga is considerably skilled at using a sword in combat.