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Tiriena (ティリエナ) is a noblewoman from Gusteko and its Archbishop's daughter.


Tiriena is described as looking like a white rock wall. She wears more revealing dress the it was typically found of people from the north.


Tiriena is a jovial woman with friendly but powerful presence about her. She is quite polite and understanding of situations, though Tiriena has also shown she can be quite the skeptic as she didn't believe Ferris was male until he flipped his skirt.


During a meeting, Fourier Lugnica went together with Felix who pretended to be his fiancee. When Tiriena saw this, she quickly opted to cancel the matrimonial plans, and was surprised that different races were able to be together despite the prejudice that followed after the Demi-Human war. Later, it was hinted that she knew Fourier was in love with someone else even before the meeting and was conspiring one of the higher ups in the government like Miklotov McMahon to him force act on his feelings towards Crusch.