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Tishua Astrea (ティシュア・アストレア) was the mother of Theresia van Astrea & the wife Veltol Astrea.


Tishua had flax colored hair and had a slim face. Despite her age she was a youthful and spirited beauty.


A comely & sharp-minded woman who had something of a mischievous streak, especially when came interacting with her husband in which often could be seen in the teasing of Veltol's habits such as his over-protective nature & general flopish behavior. Although most of time she often side with her daughter when came to arguments between Veltol & Theresia particularity in the case of Wilhelm she still every bit of supportive of husband.


During the post-war she helped Theresia setup her marriage & honeymoon, mainly by often keeping her husband out of the way in crucial moments.