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Todd Fang (トッド・ファング) is a soldier in the Sacred Empire of Vollachia military. He's from the regiment of the Imperial Army that captured Natsuki Subaru, Rem, and Louis at the start of Arc 7.

Debuting in Volume 26, Todd originally played a supporting role, aiding Subaru in his adventures inside of the Imperial Camp stationed outside of the Buddheim Jungle. However, in the following loop, Todd turned hostile and ever since, threatened, hunted, and even killed Subaru on several occasions. Following Vincent and Subaru's successful infiltration and seizing of the fortified Imperial City of Guaral, Todd – together with Arakiya – fled to Lupghana.


Todd is a young man, with short bright orange hair and is noted to likely be a bit older than Subaru. As per all Imperial Soldiers, Todd can be seen sporting a primarily black and grey suit with red details such as different straps and belts. His head is adorned with a headband of the same colour pallet as the rest of his attire.

On his left side, Todd also strapped a small battle axe, which he uses instead of a typical sword.


Todd started off seemingly as a very friendly and open individual, who faithfully follows orders and is kind towards people around him. When Jamal tried to beat up Subaru and co., Todd was the first one to break up the fight and ask Jamal to cut them some slack. Later on, when Jamal managed to get Subaru and Louis alone and successfully beat them, Todd was once again the first one to come help Subaru out. He even went out of his way to show him around the Imperial camp, and tell share his views about different subjects with Subaru–all in all, Subaru considered Todd as an ally and a friend. He even provided Subaru with valuable information about the army, their purpose in the Buddheim Jungle, and the ways of the Empire.

However, it soon turned out that Todd is a far more ruthless and sinister individual than he appears. He will manipulate everyone to get what he wants and needs, including from Jamal, who he has a close relationship with. He is observant and meticulous, going as far as to stab Subaru in the shoulder because he didn't like Subaru's gaze and correctly concluded Subaru was trying to deceive him. Even though he originally acted very kindly towards Subaru, the it was revealed that Todd was in fact always suspicious of Subaru from the very second the two met[1]. Todd is also prepared to extreme lengths in order to get his way as seen when he tested if a slaughtered Demon Beast was poisonous enough to kill someone and giving it to the other soldiers after mixing it in water, killing said soldiers in order to avoid repercussions, and brutally slaughtering numerous innocents in the fortified Imperial City of Guaral while targeting Subaru's life in numerous failed loops. Additionally, Todd only cares about people who have use for him. Upon being separated from Jamal while escaping Guaral with Arakiya, he could not remember which side of his face that his eye patch was on. Later, after having successfully escaped with Arakiya, he lied to her about his ranking in the Imperial Army in order to gain more trust from her and to even manipulate the 2nd ranking Diving General herself[2].

Todd displays a rather warrior-like mentality regarding healing magic, stating he doesn't like it too much as it allows people to retreat from battles in order to be properly healed. In his opinion, healing magic exists so one could continue fighting, even after receiving grave injuries, which defeats the purpose of training and courage.


Five years before the start of the main story, Todd was a bandit in the city of Garkla. After the destruction of the city resulting from the Sin Archbishop of Greed ten years prior, numerous factions of bandits came into the city under one union and interfered with the rebuilding process. Todd, being one of their leaders, wanted to quit being a bandit and join the Imperial Army as a respected soldier from the very start of his tenure by gathering all of the other bandit leaders and turning them in. However, Jamal Aurelie, a soldier who was stationed in Garkla at that time, ended up slaying one of the other leaders, causing the bandits to lose their morale and end their assault on Garkla. Todd, having quit being a bandit after his plan was foiled, met Jamal and was introduced to his younger sister, Katya.

Roughly about two to three months before the start of the main story, Todd and Jamal were talking about the revolt started at that point in time by Yoruna Mishigure, the 7th ranking Diving General. During this conversation, Jamal talked about how he heard a rumor about testing people in the subjugation of Yoruna's rebellion in order to see who would take the place of the former 9th ranking Divine General. After Jamal was asked about his source, he revealed that he had heard it from a few people who fled from a fortress that Yoruna had attacked. After taking the time to gather more information, the two later captured the fled soldiers to turn them in as prisoners and helped to bring an end to the rebellion, though they received no reward for their contributions.


Skilled Axeman: Todd, as opposed to most Imperial soldiers, is wielding a small battle axe. With it, he is able to swiftly dispatch foes with deadly accuracy and surprising amount of force. He was easily able to cave in Louann's head, during one of Subaru's failed loops, as well as slice Subaru's arm clean off, in the very next loop. Despite perhaps not appearing as menacing as some other soldiers, Todd is not to be underestimated. Coupled with his keen intellect, he is far more dangerous than an average soldier, and perhaps even Jamal, who is far stronger than him in terms of sheer skill and power.

Keen Intellect: The ability that makes Todd so dangerous, is unmistakeably his intellect. He is extremely attentive and calculative, always being two steps ahead of both his enemies and allies, which allows him to devise deadly traps and strategies to dispatch his foes without being forced to personally cross weapons with them. One should also mention his mentality as an Imperial soldier–depending on the target's threat, Todd isn't afraid of causing collateral damage. During one failed loop, he sent a rogue dragon carriage zooming down the streets, killing tens of innocents as well as Subaru. In the following loop, he set a pub ablaze, once again killing innocents, just so he could kill Subaru.

  • Keen Orientation: Todd has been mentioned to easily be able to memorise a place or building's layout and geography by simply being there once. With this skill, Todd is very proficient at infiltrating places he's already been to, and planning ambushes on his own soil.


  • Battle Axe: Todd can usually be seen wielding a short battle axe and is stated to be very skilled with it, more-so than the average Imperial soldier.
  • Throwing knives: As demonstrated during the Demon Beast ambush, Todd is capable of quickly and accurately throwing knives, even when under heavy pressure.


  • Todd was originally introduced only with his first name. With the 2nd volume of Arc 7, however, a side story was released which revealed his surname as well.