Typhon (テュフォン) is the Witch of Pride.


Typhon has a petite body with dark green hair that stretches to her shoulders. She has red cheeks, tan skin, and wears a white and blue one piece like dress. She also has a blue flower hairpin and gives off the aura of a lovely young girl.


Typhon is said to have judged criminals with the innocence and ruthlessness of a young girl. This stems from her past of watching her father execute people in order to find an answer about the concept of good and evil.


When Typhon was a young girl, she was troubled with the concept of good and evil, and tended to watch her father execute people as a part of his job to find an answer. One day, she broke his wine cup, prompting her to confess her deed to him while fearing execution, though fortunately he accepted her apology, leading her to believe that the scale that measured a person's sin was inside of their own heart. Ever since then, Typhon began asking people if they were sinners, and brought down punishment to those that were guilty.


Authority of Pride (傲慢の権能 Gouman no Ken'nō): Typhon is able to use the Authority of Pride.

  • Typhon can break apart her target's body if she determines that her target feels guilty of something.


  • Typhon's name refers to the 42355 Typhon, a scattered disc spatial object. In Greek mythology, Typhon is a monstrous titan that is the father of all monsters.


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