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Ubilk (ウビールク Ubīruku) is a Stargazer working for Vincent Vollachia, the 77th Emperor of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia. In the past, he used to be a male prostitute and one of Al's acquaintances on the Gladiator Island of Ginunhive. Roughly 7 years before the start of the main story and in the time following Vincent's coronation as the Emperor, Ubilk spearheaded a rebellion on the Island, with his and the other enslaved gladiators' goal being independence from the Empire. He was later revealed to be a surviving member of the Evil Eye Tribe, and successfully escaped the Island supposedly via teleportation magic.

Ubilk is currently accompanying Chisha Gold, Kafma Irulux and Olbart Dunkelkenn in the Demon City of Chaosflame in order to prevent Yoruna Mishigure from joining Vincent's side.


Ubilk is a handsome young man with rather long grey hair and livid grey eyes. Roughly 7 years ago, he was seen wearing tattered clothing consisting of an oversized dark long-sleeved robe and pants of the same colour as well as a white-striped purple undershirt. In the present, his robe is fixed of its tears and has an added hood. Furthermore, Ubilk can be seen sporting a necklace with a green crystal and twin bows tying his long hair in place.


Ubilk is an energetic and kind man, who's willing to help his friends in need. Despite living in an island designated for gladiators, Ubilk wasn't much of a fighter. Instead, he primarily acted as a male prostitute for the female gladiators, however, he has also been noted to sleep with the Island's overseer in order to gain his favour.

However, underneath his facade, Ubilk is a brilliant and ruthless tactician. He spearheaded the Island's rebellion against the Empire, did not shy away from killing guards, and even ordered Hornet to kill Al as to not compromise his plans. According to Taritta, Ubilk is either a heartless individual or accustomed to death itself.


Though the majority of Ubilk's life remains a mystery, he spent some time on the Gladiator Island of Ginunhive, where he acted as a male prostitute to avoid fighting and certain death. Shortly after Vincent Vollachia's coronation, he masterminded and spearheaded the Island's rebellion; by kidnapping a prominent noble by the name of Serena Dracroy, he had planned to negotiate with the Emperor himself, and warrant the Island its independence. After his plan failed and the island was stormed by the Imperial Army and two Divine Generals, Ubilk escaped the island presumably via teleportation magic, but not before revealing his little secret; he was one of the few surviving members of the Evil Eye Tribe, which were purged before the Demi-Human War in the Kingdom of Lugnica.

Two to three months after the death of Balleroy Temeglyph, Ubilk attended a meeting centered around the topic of Balleroy's replacement, only to be unwelcomed due to his sudden appearance and his failure to predict events concerning the previous rebellion. While there, Ubilk prophesized Yoruna's rebellion by using his power and suggested using the revolt as a way to determine who would take Balleroy's place.


Evil Eye (魔眼 Magan): Ubilk is a member of the Evil Eye Tribe, and like all others, has a third "Evil Eye"–his is situated right in the middle of his chest. Evil Eyes are described to almost be like Divine Protections, though not one itself. Furthermore, Ubilk also stated his Evil Eye isn't that useful, as he doubted that he could even use it against Priscilla Barielle, whom he revealed his ability to.

Stargazer: Ubilk is the Empire's Stargazer. He is employed by the Emperor to use his power in order to peer into tomorrow and warn His Majesty of the hardships that the nation will face[1], such as larger-scale rebellions or conflicts[2]. It should be noted that Ubilk works for the greater benefit of the nation, and not solely for the Emperor's good, which is seemingly why he allowed Vincent to be dethroned and exiled[3].


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