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My Top 5 Waifus in Re zero. The female characters in Reed's Euro I find the most emotionally and physically appealing.

  1. Echidna the witch of greed She's incredibly interesting knowledgeable About a wide range of topics and incredibly beautiful.
  2. Shaula She's so free spirited, full of energy, happy and funny as well as having a lovely personality.
  3. Sekhmet the which of sloth I feel we have a lot in common seeing as we both like doing nothing all day not sleeping mind you just doing nothing.
  4. Emilia She's incredibly beautiful nice and cute. She has a lovely smile and simply beautiful personality.
  5. Priscilla Bariell I want her to step on me.

My top 15 favorite characters in Re zero.[]

  1. Beatrice
  2. Reid Astrea
  3. Echidna
  4. Regulus Corneas
  5. Roswaal L Mathers
  6. Hector
  7. Sekhmet
  8. Reinhard Van Astrea
  9. Shaula
  10. Satilla
  11. Subaru Natsuki
  12. Emilia
  13. Halibel
  14. Carmilla
  15. Minerva