Additional info about me[edit | edit source]

I also go by the name of Hikki the Sage. I'm active on Discord, Twitter and Instagram, all under the same or similar alias so drop by and say hi if you happen to see me. Though I also have a Reddit account that goes by the name of u/Black__Reaper.

Despite my overwhelming and always-expanding love for Regulus, I'd have to say Kishou Arima is my all time favorite character (accross all media). You'd find Regulus not that far behind him, and the third place is a tie between Reinhard and Haise Sasaki (yep, that's the reason why I go by the name of Black Reaper Sasaki). Honestly, Haise is way more developed, so I'd have to say Haise takes my no.3 spot. In case Graced is reading this, Furuta is around my 5th place, only being bested by the aforementioned Special Class Investigator, Sin Archbishop, Associate Special Class Investigator and the Sword Saint.

I love cats, my favorite time of the year is winter, I prefer cold over warm weather, I'm fluent in English, my native language and I'm learning Italian in school (though I'm not that good at it).

As a side note... If you ever come accross a Re:Zero fanfic titled "Greed vs the Beast of the End" on Reddit... then... well... thank you for reading my first fanfic :)

My top ten favourite Re:Zero characters[edit | edit source]

Re Zero Ex Volume 4 3.jpg

1: Sin Archbishop of Greed Regulus Corneas 

2: Sword Saint Reinhard van Astrea

3: Volakia's Blue Lightning Cecils Segmund

4: Sin Archbishop of Gluttony Lye Batenkaitos

5: Strongest Mage Roswaal L Mathers

6: Spirit Knight Julius Juukulius

7: The Emperor of the Vollachia Empire Vincent Vollachia

8: Sin Archbishop of Lust Capella Emerada Lugnica aka Mother

9: Sin Archbishop of Wrath Sirius

10: Warlock of Melancholy Hector

As you all can see, I'm a hardcore Regulus fan. And I will strive to add as much Regulus info as humanly possible. So please look forward to new Regulus info! I sure as hell am hyped. Overall, let's just make this Wikia as chalk-full of info as we can!!!

My favourite Re:Zero story arcs (Ex novels included)[edit | edit source]

Re Zero Light Novel Volume 17 1.jpg

1: Re:Zero EX Light Novel Volume 4

2: Arc 5

3: Arc 6

4: Arc 4

5: Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 3

6: Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 2

7: Arc 3

8: Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 1

9: Arc 1

10: Arc 2

A couple of theories I find interesting[edit | edit source]

  • 14 years before the events of the first arc, Regulus and Pandora both attacked Garkla. Pandora later removed herself from the world's written history, leaving Regulus the only one who people remembered.
    • Reasons why I think this: Because Pandora later used Kurgan's body as a puppet. Considering how she most likely needs to directly influence an event in order to later change it, she somehow needed to be present during Kurgan's death. Hence, I think she accompanied Regulus (or vice versa) to Garkla.
  • Pandora (or his Gospel) guided Regulus during Arc 3.
    • It's a bit unlikely for him to just take a random morning stroll down a highway, is it not? Plus, Regulus hinted that he's interested in Crusch. These two factors lead me to believe Pandora (or his Gospel) told him to take action on that fateful morning.
  • Al is the Sin Archbishop of Pride. Though, he's a bit special. Maybe he ran away from the Witch Cult or is on a secret mission to do god-knows what but he's not a typical Archbishop like Regulus, Rai, Capella and others.
  • Roswaal wants to kill Volcanica in order to get the Dragon Blood.

A couple of predictions[edit | edit source]

  • The main enemies of Arc 7 will be Vollachia guys, namely Vincent and Cecilus. Maybe maybe maybe Al as the Sin Archbishop of Pride but I have a feeling he won't act as a villain per se.
  • My predictions for the archbishops appearing (and dying) in the following arcs: Arc 7 will have Al, Arc 8 will have Capella and Roi, Arc 9 will have Sirius, Arc 10 will have Pandora and Arc 11 will have the Witches of Sin.
  • Julius and Reinhard will have a sparring match and Reinhard will draw the Dragon Sword against him. Of course, Julius will lose.
  • Reinhard and Cecilus will have another battle in Arc 7 (or perhaps Arc 8, depending how things turn out). This time, it'll be a bit more serious and we'll actually see it (curse you Tappei, for changing scenes just when the two of them clashed swords in Ex4).

My favourite pages[edit | edit source]

A couple of my favourite illustrations[edit | edit source]

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