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Kanji クリス・ねこ
Alias Sin Archbishop of Inertia (慣性の罪の大司教 Kansei no tsumi no daishikyō)
Nickname Kris Bakenekmoon
Vandal Scum
• Characteristics •
Race Human
Gender Male
Age I ain't telling you ya creep
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
• Professional Status •
• Personal Status •
• Abilities and Equipment •
• Debuts •
• Portrayal •

Hello, I am Christhecat1212, also known as Kris_Bakenekmoon. I enjoy the Re:Zero series in general, and also like Tokyo Ghoul, and Sword Art Online Abridged.

Reddit: u/Kris_Bakenekmoon


My Favorite Characters


I joined the fandom, first memory making this dumpster fire of a page. When I got attached to anime and manga (and eventually, light novels) fandom ended up becoming my go-to website to see if an anime was good to watch.

I got attached to SAO (which was basically King's Station for anime starters), then watched Mother's Basement, then decided I hated it, and moved on to other stuff. I found SAO Abridged, got attached , decided to add stuff in the wiki, and since I and this admin were pretty much the only ones working on the wiki, I ended up getting promoted to admin status, which was quite a shock. I was happy, then ditched the wiki because I sort of lost interest in SAO Abridged (although I do occasionally watch it.)

I then found Re:Zero, through the combined power of bootlegged Crunchyroll video ads and Gigguk. At first, It thought it was a weird Harem Isekai show, but I decided to read the wiki, and it turned out to be a LOT better than I initially thought it was. This series is the first one that got me to read light novels, which was pretty great.

I then watched the show Gotham, went to the wiki, and decided it would be nice to switch the pages on the popular list. That messed up because of naming issues, and I went full on vandalizing mode, and went on a renaming and moving spree. Didn't really know how wikis work at the time (still don't), and that the admins could just do a Pandora and erase everything I did. The reactions were pretty funny though.

For obvious reasons, I got banned. I guess they thought this account was a throwaway vandal one so I ended up getting banned from the entire fandom website with no expiration date. Few days late, I contacted fandom and asked them to reduce the sentence. The moderators were surprisingly chill, and just reduced it to 2 months, then 2 weeks.

This is pretty much it.

My Garbage