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when you accidentally drown in priestella(pic not related)

lugnica is number wan used to live in the kingdom of belzerg, left because i hate crimson demons. went next to kararagi. left cause too many animals. went next to lugnica. best choice ever. why are there  royal candidates at all Felt is literally walking living royalty can nobody see that

the shit i hate the most about re zero[]

  • 2. world building existant but makes zero sense in a real world setting
  • 3. the sage council seems super cool with terrorists operating within its borders. apparently the knights corps doesnt matter and reinhard is supposed to do everything
  • 4. all of the super powered god witches are either scantily dressed lolis or big breasted women under the age of 25
  • 5.lugnica is trying to find itself some new leaders. unfortunately most of their candidates suck and/or have severe issues. why are foreigners from enemy kingdoms allowed to run?  
  • 6.bblackpool city of a thousand dreams blackpool so much fun is bursting at the seams blackpool fish n chips of world renown blackpool 

re:zero karahajimeyidejxrkgtehniennjehubiqorjcpsknghdsobsekai seikatsu[]

  • 'ate demi's
  • 'ate vollachgaya
  • 'ate kararagay an 'ate kobalds too
  • 'ate half-elves(not racist just don't like em)
  • luv me' pub
  • luv me dragon
  • luv astreas
  • luv appa salers
  • luv lugernerka

simple as

to-do list[]

Demi-Human War[]

  • Battle of Castour Field. Done.
  • Battle of Aihiya Swamp. Done.
  • Demi-Human War. Technically complete.
  • Battle of Redonas Plateau. On hold until further notice.
  • Battle for Lugnica Castle.
  • Battle of House Trias.