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"I'm the one that was born in a nightmare, a murderer's son.
I'm the one who rose out of filth and was loved by no-one
I'm the one that was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun
Overrun by the hate and the beatings, defiled by a father"

Hi there! My name is Gracedharperd, sometimes known as Furuta, I am one of the Admins of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu wikia! In addition to that, I'm also a translator who translates the free, unlicensed Re:Zero Web Novel to English!

To-Do List[]


Top 10 Characters[]

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  1. Regulus Corneas, The Sin Archbishop of The Witch Cult, representing Greed.
  2. Pandora, The Witch of Vainglory.
  3. Echidna, The Witch of Greed.
  4. Roswaal L Mathers, The Clown and The Jester
  5. Shaula, The Star Keeper of The Pleiades Watchtower.
  6. Meili Portroute, The Demon User.
  7. Cecilus Segmunt, The Blue Lightning.
  8. Anastasia Hoshin, The Talented Merchant.
  9. Felt, The Golden Lion.
  10. Garfiel Tinsel, The Gorgeous Tiger.


  • Al, The Sin arbishop of Pride. He obtained the Witch Genes of Pride after he killed Stride Vollachia, however as he was fighting him, Stride succesfully burned his face and cursed his right arm, resulting into it being cut off. (Called it 5-12-2016)
  • Sirius, The Sin arbishop of Wrath (Sirius = Fortuna, i called it already 5-12-2016)
  • Satella is the future version of Emilia.
  • Priscilla Barielle is actually Pandora's palm. In her Web Novel Description, Priscilla was described as an Human Sacrifice, I personally think that "Priscilla" was sacrificed and now, Pandora is partly possessing her, granting her extreme luck.
  • Hector is actually inside the soul of the Original Roswaal since the moment of Roswaal's defeat. The Yellow Eye of Roswaal A-L Mathers is Hector who waits until he meets Echidna again.
  • Felt is the lost daughter of Ford Lugnica and will become the 42th King of Lugnica. Because of the Disease that was killing the Royal Family, and the Lion King Qualities, Ford felt anxiety about the future, and gave his child to Rom, who had ties with the Royal Family and the Sage Council at that time.
  • Echidna (Artificial Spirit) is actually a spy and was created by Echidna due her gospel to infilitrate into the Royal Election.
  • Capella Emerada Lugnica = Emerada Lugnica and cursed the whole Royal Lugnician family. As she's able to transform into a Dragon, she's also able to use Dragon Veins and possibly the Blood of The Black Serpant, which she might've used against the family.
  • Ley Batenkaitos and Roy Alphard are the clones/shadows of Louis Arneb.

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