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You're On This Profile? Nice.[]

  • I pretty much make Minor Edits to Pages, nothing too simple. Not a lore master, but I like to help a bit when I can.
  • If you'd like to let me know of anything that I screw up on with editing, please leave a comment about my terrible editing.
  • A lot of your memes are great. If you post memes on this Wiki in comments (On Major Pages), then chances are... They're not too bad.
  • Wilhelm and Theresia are my favorite couple presented in the series as of yet. Of course, that's because they're one of the few really shown as of yet, but still.
  • Louis Arneb is my favorite character. The Gluttony Trio in general just feels a bit mysterious. Hopefully, we will get some explanations about their past in the near future.

Story Arc Ranking[]

  1. Arc 5 or 6
  2. Arc 5 or 6
  3. Arc 3
  4. Arc 4
  5. Arc 1
  6. Arc 2
  • Arc 7 is currently indecisive.

Favorite Characters[]

  1. Louis Arneb
  2. Natsuki Subaru
  3. Shaula
  4. Halibel
  5. Emilia
  6. Anastasia Hoshin
  7. Juilus Juukulius
  8. Wilhelm van Astrea
  9. Lye Batenkaitos
  10. Meili Portroute