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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the series based on the comment sections. If you have any questions refer to this list first before commenting. More questions will be added if needed.


Will there be a Season 2?: Maybe, if the studio decides to make it. This would also require more light novel content as the as of yet unreleased volume will be covered in the anime.

Arc 4

Why are the other witches at the Sanctuary?: Prior to dying, Echidna collected the other witches' souls. After she died, Echidna's soul was sealed in the grave by Volcanica as a deterrent against Satella.

Ram and Rem

Who attack Ram and Rem's village?: The Witch Cult. Who cut Ram's horn?: Some member of the Witch Cult.

Elsa Granhiert

Is Elsa a Vampire?: Yes, Elsa is a Vampire.

Roswaal L Mathers

Why did Rosswal say that he wanted to kill the dragon?: That's because Volcanica was keeping Echidna's soul in the grave. Now that Echidna's been resurrected as Omega Roswaal, it probably doesn't matter anymore

Reinhard van Astrea

How many characters have forced him to use his Dragon Sword Reid? Thearesia and Cecilus. He also had to use his Divine Protection of the Phoenix against Regulus to revive himself. However, that was because he intentionally had to receive an attack from Regulus due to the latter taking Emilia hostage.