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Ok, so for a while I have been coming up with thoughts about each of the authorities abilities, so this is just from the knowledge I have obtained from the info on this wiki, so here goes nothing!

OK so I noticed that each authority of the original witch of sin has, represents the desire and what a person with each sin lacks for example: 

Sloth: someone who is Slothful would want to be lazy and they lack activity, all spirituallly, emotionally, physically and mentally, and Sloths fulfillment is its own desire- being llazy in any way. This reflects itself in the version 2 of the Authority of Sloth, as the unseen hand allows to move things without doing anything and cause insanity on its target. So its possible that the original Sloth ability can cause its target to under go physical & mental fatigue.

Gluttony: Someone who is gluttonous would want to eat or excessively indulge themselves in food, drugs or alcohol, and the cause of wanting this is hunger in any way, this reflects Daphne's ability to induce hunger. Also Gluttony version 2 can in a sense eat ones "Soul" and gain from it, this reflects the fulfillment of gluttony as ones hunger is satisfied in some way. This is one of pieces of evidence that lead to my original idea for my theory.

Lust: Someone who is Lustful would want to engage in sexual activity and they might lack sexual pleasure. Carmillia's authority reflects that, as she, in ther eyes of most wouldn't be "sexy" in any way, plus she can manipulate ones senses, and physical pleasure ( which is obviously sensory pleasure) can be an aspect of lust. The fulfillment of lust (version 2 of lust) doesn't really match the initial aspect, but hypothetically if one possess the new authority of lust, they could shape-shift into the ideal sex partner, but this is just a shot in the dark.

Wrath: Someone who is wrathful would want to express theirtheir anger in any way, and what they lack or what is holding them back from doing so is being calm or pasifistic in any way, this rereflects Minerva's ability to heal, because it is restricting her from expressing anger, kinda like how a wrathful person would be forced to be calm. However when Minerva heals someone, somthing bad happens somewhere else, similar to how a wrathful person would forced to be calm, it still cause destruction, because they cannot express their anger.  The version 2 of Wrath reflects the fulfillment, because they user can now express their anger and emotions, and even project them on to others. This was evidence to support my theory.

Envy: Someone who is Envious would want something that belongs to someone else, and would go extreme measures for it ( which is what diststingushes envy from jealousy.) And what causes this Is ungratefulness and jealousy, so its possible that the original authority of envy could induce massive amounts of jealousy on people and cause them to go extreme measures to fulfil their envy. Which leads me to Authority of envy version 2, its ability is probably able to steal ones identity and use it for themselves ( able to use ones memory, ability and form, kinda like a mix between the Authority of Gluttony and Lust version 2.) Or, to add a sense of irony, since one who is envious can never truly own something they are jealous for, the closest they can do to fulfil their jealousy is to simply destroy it, more of a " if I can't have it no one can!" Kinda mentality, so maybe version 2 of Envy can induce rot or destruction on objects or people they hate or are jealous of. This is kinda the purpose for my theory of each of the Authorities abilities.

Pride: I don't need to get into pride that much, since we already have a good idea of it's ability, but someone who is Prideful would want confidence and achievements, so Typhoons ability to cause to breakdown ones body kinda reflects what a prideful person would lack. Subaru's Return by death kinda suits the fulfillment of Pride's lacking, since it gives him another chance to do more accomplishments and gain experience. I might make a theory on Subaru being the archbishop of pride some day.

Greed: Someone who is Greedy would want to posses material things such as money, jewelry, sex, power, etc. And what they might do to gain such things is most likely steal it and hoard it. This might mean Echidna has the ability to steal ones body and everything they own, as shown with her possessing Lewes body. Now fulfilling this sin would be is to take full possession and control of such things they desire, as shown with Regulus's ability to stop time and link his heart to others that he is married to, symbolizing his control and possession of his wife's and even time its self, because as they say, time is money, and someone who is greedy would want all the money in the world, ( funny joke no?) This is one of the purposes why I made this theory to begin with.

So what do you guys think, does it make sense? anything I can work on? What did you like about it? Please let me know in the comment section below, and thank you for your time!^^