Re:Zero Wiki
Re:Zero Wiki

this aint cool bro like this cant be happening like cmon dude

cant even get to see my weekly fix of dona for the next 4 months, and that aint cool.

most of japan wont even be alive by that point, tappei n. might be a victim, that aint cool.

most of white fox could could be wiped out. everybody though kyoani's fire was bad because it lost one studio. damn, imagine all anime for the next years getting postponed because so many anime staff are dying, and that aint cool.

covid-19 will burn through japan like the freaking plague dude. never mind half the country is 55. shit.

edit: apparently the postponement is due to the chinese subcontractors who would normally work on the animation being closed down for the time being. of course. thats what white fox gets for selling cheap.

it's all so tiring.