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  • Gracedharperd

    26 Questions

    September 25, 2017 by Gracedharperd

    This is a question list i found on Reddit. So i wanted to keep this Wikia alive and wanted to know everyone's opinion! (no need to tag spoilers)

    1. Favorite Character?
    2. Character Design you like the most?
    3. An event or scene that you would change?
    4. Which one of Subaru's deaths were the most painful to watch/read?
    5. The Royal Candidate you cheer for?
    6. Favorite Quote?
    7. A character you disliked at first but grew to love?
    8. A character you would like to know a lot more about?
    9. Your Ships?
    10. Your notps or ships that you don't understand?
    11. Favorite Cover Illustration from the novel?
    12. A character you despise or can't understand
    13. Favorite Sin Archbishop?
    14. Any theory you have
    15. Your thoughts on the (almost nonexistent lmao) fandom
    16. A character you want to see animated
    17. Art style you prefe…
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  • Gracedharperd

    So this is my Theory behind every Sin arbishop. i know some may not even be possible... but oh well correct me if that is the case

    Ley Batenkaitos (gluttony (gourmet)) = (Look Louis)

    Roy Alphard (gluttony (bizarre eating)) = (Look Louis)

    Louis Arneb (gluttony (satiation)) = i think because he looks diffrent of the others Gluttony sin arbishops, he is a real person. because as you have seen with the White whales. The White Whale can clone himself but a little bit diffrent and way less stronger. so what if Louis is the Real one. and made 2 little buddies to help him eat people. could be possible right?

    Sirius (wrath) = MY theory is still that she is the dead aunt of Emilia. It is possible since the author has said that Fortuna has the same color…

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