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This is a question list i found on Reddit. So i wanted to keep this Wikia alive and wanted to know everyone's opinion! (no need to tag spoilers)

  1. Favorite Character?
  2. Character Design you like the most?
  3. An event or scene that you would change?
  4. Which one of Subaru's deaths were the most painful to watch/read?
  5. The Royal Candidate you cheer for?
  6. Favorite Quote?
  7. A character you disliked at first but grew to love?
  8. A character you would like to know a lot more about?
  9. Your Ships?
  10. Your notps or ships that you don't understand?
  11. Favorite Cover Illustration from the novel?
  12. A character you despise or can't understand
  13. Favorite Sin Archbishop?
  14. Any theory you have
  15. Your thoughts on the (almost nonexistent lmao) fandom
  16. A character you want to see animated
  17. Art style you prefer (LN/Anime/Manga) ?
  18. Merch you own or would like to buy?
  19. A battle you enjoyed watching?
  20. A character whose voice acting you loved?
  21. Favorite Location?
  22. Favorite Opening or Ending song
  23. A character that has something in common with you?
  24. Ability that you would like to have?
  25. A song you think is fitting for a character (anyone)
  26. A relationship that you're fond of (not a ship)