First how do you guys feel about the Quartet series and a possible full on cinematic isekai universe.

Secondly how does this series actually work, I mean there are manga, light novels and anime. From what I understand it was first a web series, then a light novel series, then the first arcs were made each in their own manga and then the anime started while the manga was still ongoing. And the anime ended somewhere near the end of the 9th light novels. Now my question is where does one buy/read these light novels (for all I could find is a text translation without pictures) and should one start at the beginning.

Now some wikia related questions

Thirdly why does only Subaru's page have a synopsis section and why does that synopsis section have only information on it about arcs 4,5 and 6.

Fourthly some of the templates seem in need of updating.

Fifthly why don't you have any arc pages?

Sixthly couldn't the main page use a section on the side bar to explain the re:zero franchise to newby's so people don't continue making blogs likes these, after finishing the anime and been hit by a wave of confusions and a bunch of question about the how and what about the series. Also having the slider link to category pages doesn't really help anyone answer questions like what is the manga/novels about and who are the characters.

PS: I don't want to be mean or harsh with some of my questions, but I am someone who likes wiki's to have a certain structure and be easily navigable and up to date. Which I know can both be very hard.

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