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Utakata Shudrak (ウタカタ・シュドラク) is a member of the Shudrak Clan located in the depths of the Buddheim Jungle, in the Empire of Vollachia. She made her debut in Arc 7.


Utakata is a small child with brown skin and green eyes. Her hair is black with tips that are dyed a peach colour. She's noted to be about ten years of age.


Utakata was shown to be rather wary of outsiders, likely due to being taught not to interact with people who aren't part of the Shudrak Clan. She displayed interest in both Subaru and Vincent, observing them from a distance while they were incarcerated. After the duo passed the Ritual of Blood by defeating the giant Demon Beast snake, Utakata warmed up to Vincent and especially to Subaru.

In one of the lost loops, Utakata was the one who shot and killed Subaru with a poisonous arrow, after the Imperial Army burned down the jungle.


Marksman: Despite her age, Utakata is very skilled with the bow. Due to her lack of strength, however, she's opted to use poisonous arrows rather than normal ones. Despite this "handicap", she was easily capable of dispatching Subaru with one single shot. Utakata is also stated to be more skilled with the bow than Kuna.