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Valgren (バルグレン), commonly known as the Black Dragon (黒い竜), was a dragon that was summoned by Stride Vollachia, roughly four decades before the start of the series and a year after the end of the Demi-Human War.

He was reduced to ash by the Divine Dragon Volcanica.


Valgren was a black-scaled three headed dragon. Each of his heads were lined by rows of sharp fangs, and his wings had claws on them. His size spanned over tens of meters.  It had two short legs compared to its size and arms with wings attached to them.


Valgren was a vicious, blood-crazed dragon, consumed by hatred. It's alluded that the souls inside of him can wrest some level of control over the dragon. Its three heads are mentioned to fight with each other when tearing apart its prey.  


Valgren was summoned near the southern Lugnican border with Vollachia, in the city of Picouttate, by Stride Vollachia 40 years prior. At that time, Stride was a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Pride. Out of the 500 knights sent to kill it, 50 were killed and 200 were annihilated before it was killed. To cover up the fact that a dragon was controlled by someone in Lugnica, Valgren was referred to as an evil dragon. In the end, Valgren ate Stride and his wife, Melinda, with its three heads tearing them both to pieces and feasting on their bodies.

Following Stride's death, Valgren was confronted by Wilhelm van Astrea and Grimm Fauzen, who both dealt a great deal of damage to the dragon. During combat, Grimm and Wilhelm were both seriously wounded and could barely continue the fight. Just as the battle was about to close on a disastrous end, His Majesty the 40th King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica Gionis Lugnica appeared in the city, and with him, the Divine Dragon ascended from the sky above. In a couple of minutes, Volcanica scorched Valgren away, put out the raging fired and healed all the damage the Evil Dragon has done, marking the end of the Evil Dragon Subjugation.


Fire Breathing: Valgren was able to breath fire. Fire breathing was his most common ability as he used it to burn Picoutatte and its citizens. It was hot enough to melt stone itself and it burned with a pale green light

Great Power: Valgren was able to use a combination of its fangs, tail and claws in close quarters combat. Valgren's attacks were so powerful Peak Wilhelm just trying to parry them caused both of his shoulders to creak and some of his muscles to rupture. Just one of his blows incapacitated Grimm Fauzen.


  • There is a song called the Subjugation of the Black Dragon made by Liliana Masquerade. She sang it the first time during Arc 5.