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Veltol Astrea (ベルトール・アストレア) was the father of Theresia van Astrea. Though not making an appearence in the main story, Veltol played a pivotal role in Theresia's character development during Ex2 and Ex3 spinoff novels, as well as serving as a pilar of strength for Wilhelm in those same volumes.

He died during the Sword Demon Battle Ballad side story, after getting cut down by Carol Remendis who was controlled by one of Stride Vollachia's five meteor rings.


Veltol had relatively long hair along with a red beard and a red mustache. He wore bordeaux colored clothes, those representing of nobility.


Veltol was considered to have a overprotective personality towards Theresia, his wife, and his three sons. Though this facet of his personality sometimes went too far, the love he held for his family was what truly distinguished him as a person. He went to extreme lengths to protect his family despite being unskilled with the sword.

He sometimes acted pettily around the people he disliked, but in the end, once they got to know them better he would warm up and treat them as family.   


Veltol was born into the house of Astrea, but never received the divine protection of the Sword Saint. After surviving the Demi-Human war, he was cursed by Stride and ended up losing function in one of his arms. 

At a later time when Stride Vollachia attacked the Astrea House again, Veltol protected a pregnant Theresia and Tishua from the assassin's blade of Carol Remendis as she was controlled by Stride, resulting in his death.


Sword Skills: Veltol was below average with a sword. This is quite ironic as his daughter was the former Sword Saint, and his future son in law, was considered to be a Swords Demon.


  • Wilhelm regards Veltol as the greatest swordsman he had ever met.