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Victor Orcos (ヴィクター・オルコス) was a former Acolyte Knight and a baron of Gusteko, who died in battle fighting Igor's forces.


Victor was an aged man with short white hair, a white mustache, dark green eyes, and a scar that went over his left eye vertically.


Igor Kenash ordered Logres Hyatt and Elsa Granhiert to commence with the purification of the Orcos Territory, as the Baron Victor Orcos was accused of slave trading, which eventually resulted in the baron's death.


Sword Skills: Victor used sword skills which were similar to Iaidou. He demonstrated this skill with the two katanas he wielded, one of a red hue, the other of a blue hue.

Blessing: As a former Acolyte Knight, he had a Blessing, which gave him temporary immortality similar to Elsa's curse, but without losing control of himself. He was able to use his Blessing to revive himself after having his throat bitten out by Elsa.