Vincent Vollachia (ヴィンセント・ヴォラキア), formerly known as Vincent Abellux (ヴィンセント・アベルクス) is the 77th and current Emperor of the Vollachia Empire.


Vincent is a handsome and supple bodied young man with black hair, almond shaped rosybrown eyes, pale skin, and is shown to wear a red long cloak with black feathers on his left shoulder, which is somewhat similar to that of his relative Stride Vollachia. He has an insignia on his cloak which has a defiant wolf impaled by swords, which resembles the flag of the Vollachia Empire. His figure and the light in his eyes give one an overpowering feeling of dread. 


Vincent holds no special feelings towards Demi Humans and asserts that the loyalty of his vassals is simply a result of being a ruler. He is also very rational, yet able to make very quick decisions. Despite his country recently having minor conflicts with Lugnica, he has no desire to start a war.


Around 25 years ago, Drizen Vollachia had 67 children including Prisca Benedict and Vincent Abellux left all around the country to participate in the new Emperor Selection Ceremony. Vincent won the Emperor Selection Ceremony and rose as the 77th emperor of the Vollachia Empire.

Around six months before the beginning of Arc 1, Reinhard van Astrea, Julius Juukulius and Ferris escorted the Council of Wise Men to the Crystal Palace located at the capital of the Vollachia Empire, Rupgana, to talk with Vincent regarding the situation of the Lugnician Royal family.


Yang Sword Vollachia (陽剣ヴォラキア Youken Vorakia): As the emperor of Vollachia, Vincent owns a completely crimson sword known as the Yang Sword Vollachia. The sword appears out of thin air when the user wishes to use it and it cuts and burns whatever the user wishes, similar to Typhon's authority. It is mentioned by Berstetz Fondalfon that only those who have the necessary qualities for the throne of Vollachia are able to wield the sword.


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