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Volcanica (ボルカニカ), also known as the Divine Dragon (神龍) is a key figure in the sealing of the Witch of Envy 400 years ago. It is the guardian of the Kingdom of Lugnica and is worshiped by its inhabitants as it's the very symbol of hope and trust for the entire nation. Mentioned throughout the series, it formally debuted during the climax of Arc 6 as a minor antagonist and later in a minor supporting role.

During Arc 6's climax, it acted as the overseer of the third trial of the Pleiades Watchtower and the final obstacle preventing Emilia from conquering it. It's also revealed that decades of neglect caused the Divine Dragon's mind to break, reducing it to a shell of its former self and putting it into a hibernation-like state.


Volcanica is an enormous dragon who is covered in shiny pale blue scales which are said to gleam like jewels and seem sharper than a forged treasured sword. Its thick paws are equipped with black, rock-like claws. Volcanica's face greatly resembles that of an Earth Dragon with two large milky-white horns sticking out of each side of his head. Finally, Volcanica has a pair of intelligent looking gold eyes which emit a wise and awe-inspiring aura. Its presence is so great that one feels like he isn't even allowed to breathe without the Divine Dragon's permission. Another notable feature is the presence of a mysterious white scar located directly underneath Volcanica's jaw. When touched by someone other than Volcanica, the Divine Dragon will fall in a state of shock and will desperately try to kill whoever touched it.

In its crouched position, it is said to be about 16 meters in height but its actual size is unknown, though it is much much larger than Valgren who was about 10 meters tall.


Volcanica was described as a benevolent and wise entity, one which defended Lugnica from many threats in the past and brought peace to the Kingdom.

In complete contrast to its reputation, by the events of Arc 6, Volcanica has fallen into a hibernation-like state, operating purely on instinct. Beatrice and Spirit Echidna speculated that Volcanica in its current state exerted about 10% of its former strength even though its condition is nothing physical, but rather a "spiritual death". The Divine Dragon has lived for so long that most things have lost its meaning, though it still feels obliged to uphold the covenants it forged with Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica and Flugel respectively.

Before falling into its current state, Volcanica was mentioned to be a cynic by Shaula. During its fight with Valgren, about 50-years before the main story, it was mentioned to feel pity for the state in which the black dragon had ended up in, implying it had a strong sense of pride.

Volcanica speaks in a deific manner favouring the archaic pronouns thou (汝 nanji) and mineself (我 ware) and its voice conveys its omnipotence. Its gender is also neither male or female, as it uses a neutral pronoun (我 waga).


Volcanica is a Divine Dragon who several centuries ago made a covenant with Farsale Lugnica to help safeguard and guide the country in times of turmoil. For this reason, it is worshiped as a national deity and became the new symbol of the Royal Family. The Kingdom itself is also partially named after it–The Dragon Kingdom Lugnica.

Over 400 years ago, Sekhmet drove Volcanica past the Great Waterfall just so she could rest. This caused the two to fight, with its conclusion being Sekhmet falling from the Great Waterfall while fighting, ending with the Witch of Sloth's death. Volcanica sealed Echidna off in her tomb within the Sanctuary as a deterrent to Satella. At some point, Volcania created the Earth Dragons.

Volcanica is said to have met the first generation's Sword Saint Reid Astrea and the Sage Flugel with his apprentice in one of the Kingdom's five regional capitals–Flanders, located in southern part of the Kingdom, and blessed the grounds of Flanders so Earth Dragons would be born. After Satella, the Witch of Envy, suddenly went out of control and went on a rampage across the world, Volcanica met with Reid, Flugel and Shaula in the Kingdom's city of Flanders, forming an alliance with the heroes[1]. The four heroes set their goals on defeating the rampaging Witch who mercilessly killed thousands and thousands of innocents and toppled one country after another. After realizing they were unable to kill her, Volcanica and the rest managed to defeat her and seal her away in the Sand Dunes at the very East of Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica.

Sword Demon Battle Ballad Side Story[]

Roughly 40 years before the events of Arc 1, about a year after the end of the Demi-Human War, Volcanica appeared after Stride Vollachia summoned the Black Dragon who proceeded to ravage through one of the five regional cities of the Kingdom–Picouttate, which stands at the Kingdom's border with the Empire. The Divine Dragon scorched the Black Dragon with its purifying breath, healed the wounded and put out the fires that were spreading through the city, confirming the validity of the four centuries long covenant.


Purification Breath: The Divine Dragon's breath, which when let loose, rushes straight towards its target enveloping it in a white and bluish light. When the light envelops its opponents, they're instantly turned into dust, as if they had been purified. Volcanica used this attack against the Evil Dragon Valgren to put him to rest. It's so powerful and hot that it instantly destroyed Emilia's Ice Soldiers who were said to be tougher than steel and, according to Emilia, it even killed sound itself.

Flying: Being a dragon, Volcanica is capable of flight. According to Emilia's observations, however, it actually uses the ability through magical energy rather than its wings which help it to fly. By channelling magical power throughout its body, Volcanica can make itself float in a similar way as Puck and Roswaal L Mathers do. It uses its pairs of wings to help it glide and control the direction of its flight in a manner similar to a rudder.

Dragon's Blood/Dragon Vein: Dragon's Blood is Volcanica's magially imbued blood, which acts as miracle agent. It's said that it's capable of curing any disease and even reverse famine instantly. Only the rulers of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica have access to it. In order to receive it, however, one must kill a Divine Dragon and collect the blood from its last heartbeat.

Divine Mana: Volcanica has an enormous amount of mana in its body and is even able to cleanse the world with it. The effect is enough to turn off the flames or spread them throughout the city or to cure injured people all at once.

Twisting of Space: Volcanica is capable of twisting space which makes it swoll and burst open. Volcanica can seemingly do this at will and with immense accuracy destroying anything that it hits[2].

Vast Intellect: Volcanica has been shown to have enormous knowledge and possibly foresight to foretell the future. However, due to its great age, it is currently in a hibernation-like state, operating purely on instinct which renders it impossible to seek the Dragon's wisdom.

Great Power: As the Divine Dragon and the safeguard of the Kingdom of Lugnica, Volcanica has considerable power. It was able to defeat Sekhmet, the second strongest Witch after Satella, and is stated to even be able to put up a competitive fight against Reinhard while the latter uses the Dragon Sword Reid. While being 90% in a hibernating state and operating purely on instincts, Volcanica was easily able to overwhelm Emilia and her Ice Soldiers and scorch away the incoming Shadows within seconds.

Other Abilities: After forming a covenant with the Kingdom, Volcanica "deployed" some sort of a "barrier" all across the Kingdom's lands. This barrier–for lack of a better term–acts like a magical warning system, which alerts the Divine Dragon, every time the covenant requires it to act, allowing Volcanica to assist the Kingdom in accordance to the four centuries old covenant.


  • Despite common knowledge, Farsale was not the one who directly made a covenant with Volcanica. He used a young maiden as as a mediator between the Divine Dragon and the Lion King. The maiden was known as the Dragon Maiden.
  • Volcanica's power has been compared with King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise.


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