Vollachia Flag
The Sacred Vollachia Empire (神聖ヴォラキア帝国), usually referred to as the Vollachia Empire (ヴォラキア帝国), is a country located to the south of Lugnica.


The Vollachia Empire is blessed with fertile soil, mild weather, and the temperature remains relatively the same throughout the year. In addition, they have a large number of skilled magic stone craftsmen, but only have a few spirit users. Their flag is a defiant wolf impaled by some swords. Because it is a meritocracy it doesn't place much weight in race or status compared to other nations making it arguably the best place for Demi-humans to live. However because of its emphasis on ability above all else the weak and disabled are crushed or left behind under it's society.

The nation highly prides itself in having a strong military and has a national creed of "soldiers should always be strong", resulting even in lower ranked soldiers being exceptionally strong. Vollachia typically has bad relations with Lugnica, resulting in skirmishes between the two countries from time to time.


Due to their militaristic society, Vollachia has the strongest standing army out of the 4 great powers on the continent. The nine strongest members of the Vollachia Military are dubbed the Nine God Generals (九神将 Kyuushinshou) and have considerable influence within the country.

Vollachian Empire Forces

Below them, the imperial army consists of 5 ranks which are listed in order from lowest to highest: Soldier (兵卒, Heisotsu), First-Class Soldier (上等兵, Jōtō-hei), Third-Class General (三将,Sanshou), Second-Class General (二将, Nishou) and First-Class General (一将, Isshou). Those who reach the rank of "general" are no longer required to wear armor, furthermore "First-Class Generals" are equivalent to a Lugnican commander of a knight order in authority. The so-called "Nine God Generals" are a distinguished group of "First-Class Generals" who sit on the upper echelon of the military. They have their own sub-hierarchy numbering from one-nine with lower number denoting higher rank.


400+ years ago

  • Vollachia has historically engaged in war with the Kingdom of Lugnica. However, the major periodic wars cease after the king of Lugnica, Farsale Lugnica, makes a covenant with the dragon Volcanica to have him protect Lugnica.

Approximately 40 years ago

  • In an event taking decades before the main story, the Sin Archbishop of Pride and his wife summon a three-headed dragon known as the Black Dragon to attack Lugnica in Picoutatte. Hundreds of Kingdom Knights are killed before its eventual subjugation.
  • The “Sword Demon” of Lugnica, Wilhelm Trias, famously fights Kurgan, a warrior of Vollachia, in a series of battles. In the first bout, Wilhelm cuts off several of Kurgan's eight arms, though not without taking a heavy injury to his stomach. Wilhelm Trias goes on to triumph in every battle after.

18 years ago

  • Before moving to Lugnica, Al resided in Vollachia, the place he was summoned. There, he learned combat skills working as a gladiator.
  • Vincent Vollachia becomes the 77th emperor of Vollachia around this time.

15 years ago

6 months ago

  • Lugnica enters a non-aggression pact with Vollachia.
  • During this time, one of the Nine God Generals, Balroy Temeglyph, plans a coup d’etat. He fails and is killed.
  • The Sword Saint of Lugnica travels to Rupgana, the capital of Vollachia, accompanied by the Royal Guard Julius Juukulius, and knight Ferris. They are there to see the Emperor of Vollachia, who wishes to meet them. The three of them get involved with Balroy Temeglyph as he is trying to execute his plot and Julius is accused of killing him. However, they are able to prove Julius’ innocence by finding and defeating the true culprit.


Rupgana (ルプガナ): Rupgana is the capital of the Vollachia Empire. The city is completely enclosed within a square shaped outer wall, and there are no obvious differences in wealth which can be observed with the naked eye in the city, in contrast to Lugnica's Royal Capital.

  • Crystal Palace (水晶宮): The Crystal Palace is the palace of the Emperor of Vollachia. Due to magic stones being used throughout the palace in its construction, the interior contains excessive amounts of mana.

Gladiator Island Ginunhive (剣奴孤島ギヌンハイブ): A group of islands located close to Vollachia which belong to the Empire. The islands are infamous for its arenas, where gladiators are pitted against each other or against Demon Beasts. Also, this was the place where Al fled after losing his arm, and where he obtained his helmet.

Garkla (ガークラ): Garkla was a border fortress city located in Vollachia that was known for trade. Despite being one of the most fortified cities in the nation and manned with 1000 troops, it was single-highhandedly destroyed 15 years prior to the story by Regulus when items which were associated with the witch were put up for sale, which is rumored to be the Artificial Spirit Echidna.


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