Witch's After Tea Party (魔女のアフターティーパーティー) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.


After Echidna successfully transferred her soul into the body of Omega, she immediately started to get used to things as she hadn't take an actual step. Because of Roswaal's Altemilion spell, the weather was cold and the forest was frozen, making Omega almost freeze to death until she activated a simple Fire Magic spell to warm up, only to have the forest burned down. Later, Echidna transferred the souls of the remaining witches into an necklace with an Pyroxene Crystal (輝石) and took it with her. Sometime later, Omega got found by a group of raiders who we're looking for people of special tribes or races. Making Omega request a proposal of them standing in front of her for thirty seconds, and if they do so she'll go with them. Their superior agrees, only to allow Omega have Echidna's soul appear, making everyone feel incredible fear, foam, scream, vomit and die. Omega borrows some clothes of the dead raiders and mentions that she is quite interested in having a cup of tea after hundreds of years.




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