Witch Cult Members

The Witch Cult (魔女教) is an organization that worships the Witch of Envy Satella.


The Witch Cult has existed for over 400 years since the times when the witches were active. They are evil enough that knights are ordered to annihilate them immediately should they appear. Followers are elusive, their means of hiding unknown, allowing them to survive until the current time. Their purpose is rumored to be the resurrection of the Witch of Envy.

100 years ago, the Witch Cult consisted of a moderate side, led by Petelgeuse, and a radical side.


Witch Cult Members 2

The Witch Cult is made up of followers at the bottom and a group of members at the top known as Sin Archbishops (大罪司教). The Sin Archbishops each "represent" one of the seven sins other than envy that the other six witches were said to represent. They are selected based on whether they are compatible with Witch Genes, and currently only the representative for pride is vacant. Also, each member owns a book known as the Witch Cult's Gospel (魔女教徒の福音), which shows the members a route to a future they desire through vague details. These books can only be read by the holder and appear to be incomprehensible to others. Despite their recent appearances in Lugnica, the cult is actually active throughout the world with members in various countries.


Sin Archbishops