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Wolf (ウォルフ) is an exclusive character from the video game Re:Zero: The Prophecy of the Throne. He is one of the game's main antagonists, as he attempts to assassinate the Royal Candidates. It was revealed that Wolf was Salum's alternative personality. After defeating him, he (as Salum/Wolf) and Pooka joined Melty and Tiga, and are living in Kararagi.


Wolf wore a yellow uniform with a black overcoat that touches the ground, black gloves and boots, and wears several masks.


He is a man that is shrouded in mystery. Wolf likes to be very talkative, but he has a dry view of life and death. He shows off his emotions by wearing one of his eight masks to express his emotions. Since the mask is worn over the face covered with cloth, the real face cannot be seen even at the moment of changing the mask.


Evil Eye (魔眼 Mame): Wolf has Evil Eye of Avarice (強欲の魔眼 Gōyoku no Mame). It's an ability that he can steal mana from an individual or the area around him. Steal too much mana and he could kill the individual. He can also drain upcoming magic attacks.


  • The way he change his masks is based off of Bian Lian, meaning the Art of Mask Changing, which is a subculture of Chinese Sichuan Opera.