Yae Tenzen (ヤエ・テンゼン) was a maid who worked for Priscilla Barielle as the Grand Chamberlain. It was later revealed that she was actually an assassin to kill Priscilla.


Yae is a fair-skinned beautiful young woman around the age of 20 with long red hair which is tied up, pupils that give off a cat-like impression, and slender arms and legs. Her maid clothes exist out of light red, white and some darker red colors.


Yae is shown to be quite eccentric with her playfulness. However, she's quite talented in instantly recalling information of one of the residents she was formerly associated with.


Yae was hired as a maid in the mansion before Priscilla replaced Leip Barielle. After Yae served alongside Priscilla and Al in the zombie infestation in Coffleton, it was revealed that Yae was an assassin that had set out to kill Priscilla after she tried to kill Al. It's unknown if she perished after her confrontation with Al. 


Quick Reflexes: Yae is able to easily handle deadly surprise attacks with her Kunai Knives.


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