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Yoruna Mishigure (ヨルナ・ミシグレ Yoruna Mishigure), also known as the The Flamboyant (極彩色), is the 7th ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia, and the ruler of the Demon City of Chaosflame.

Currently, Yoruna is residing in the Red Lapis Castle, waiting to reply to Vincent Abellux's letter and either join Vincent and Subaru's camp, the fake Emperor's camp or stay completely neutral in the conflict.


Yoruna Mishigure is a beautiful and tall fox woman with a thin and alluring physique. Perhaps her most striking facial feature is her slit blue eyes that give off a languid yet sharp look that can captivate anyone with who she crosses sites. Her hair is neatly arranged, primarily white in colour but slowly shifts to orange towards its tips. Furthermore, Yoruna adorns her head in a variety of animal bones, horns, teeth, scales and other ornaments, making her appearance majestic and somewhat mythical. At the very top of her head, a pair of sharp orange fox ears can easily be spotted even from afar, making her Demi-Human blood rather obvious.

Adorning herself in a richly-coloured kimono that vaguely exposes her thin white shoulders, Yoruna gives off an incredibly languid and relaxed air. Her attire consists of a primarily-blue kimono with a floral pattern, that has its sleeve edges and its collar's colours in bright green. She keeps it all together with a green belt that has a black floral pattern adorning it. Coincidentally, her nine orange fox tails match her attire more than perfectly.

To finish it off, Yoruna can usually be seen smoking from her purple and golden kiseru, which she can also cast magic with.


Yoruna can best be described as problematic and hard to deal with, having even been described by Zikr Osman as someone with a desire for destruction and according to Kafma Irulux, she represents a danger to the Emperor. Despite bearing the rank of "Seven", she frequently starts revolts which have forced Vincent to dispatch the Imperial Army and the Divine Generals more than once, though he considers her too necessary for Chaosflame, to have her be executed for treason, effectively making her some sort of a trouble-child of the Nine Divine Generals. Furthermore, Yoruna is infatuated with the Emperor of Vollachia (not Vincent directly), though according to Vincent, not even he knows what exactly is her goal, and only guesses she wishes to be the Emperor's favourite mistress and bask in money and status[1].

When conversing and interacting with others, however, Yoruna tends to act in an extremely relaxed and almost-spoiled manner, appearing somewhat arrogant which can be seen with her often taking her time to answer even to the very Emperor of the Vollachian Empire. Furthermore, her words are often provoking or teasing, which often tends to anger people with shorter tempers, such as the aforementioned Second-Class General Kafma Irulux. She tends to spin the situation into a conflict for her own amusement, with Subaru noting she's a far more vicious and terrible person than he had imagined her from hearing everything Vincent and Zikr had to say about her. In some ways, she's remarkably similar to Priscilla Barielle but with next to no verbal abuse and a much more languid tone.

Yoruna also has a very soft spot for children and Demi-Humans, and is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to protect them. During the Great Disaster of Chaosflame, she went directly against Vincent's orders to flee the city and put her all on the line in order to protect it and ensure a safe haven for those persecuted by the Empire for their blood lineage.


Around two to three months before the main story, Yoruna launched a rebellion against the Empire upon discovering that Tanza's older sister[2] was murdered for sport by soldiers stationed at a fortress close to Chaosflame[3]. After Tanza's audience with her, Yoruna began by attacking the fortress and killing most of the soldiers there; however, a few soldiers escaped. Soon, she was confronted by Madelyn Eschart, but their battle came to a standstill. Ending their battle, Yoruna told Madelyn of the soldiers who left the fortress, asking that they be sent to her in return for stopping her rebellion.

Some time after Madelyn relayed her message, Yoruna came face to face with Cecilus Segmunt and Arakiya when the Imperial Army's generals assaulted Chaosflame. Despite the power that the Blue Lightning and the Spirit Eater both had as two of the strongest residents in the Empire, they were unable to defeat Yoruna due to her usage of the Soul Marriage technique. In the end, Yoruna's demands were met and the Emperor himself personally ordered the escaped soldiers to be sent to Chaosflame, ending the rebellion.


Considerable Strength: As the 7th ranking Divine General, Yoruna has considerable strength as she is one of the strongest individuals hailing from the Vollachian Empire.

Soul Marriage Technique (魂婚術 Konkon-jutsu): Soul Marriage Technique is a long-lost secret technique of the old world that has been forgotten by most. By dividing her own Od and bestowing it onto her subjects/residents of Chaosflame, Yoruna imbues them with power more or less reflective of her own, as well as greatly boosting their healing capabilities to the point someone acting under her Soul Marriage can receive multiple fatal wounds and heal completely in a few short moments. A potential caveat to this ability, however, is the fact that in order for Soul Marriage to work, Yoruna must love the receiver of this ability, as well as be loved by that person in return. If this condition isn't met, Soul Marriage will not work. Furthermore, Yoruna can apply this concept to inanimate objects such as her golden kiseru, the Red Lapis Castle and the Demon City of Chaosflame itself. This allows her to freely manipulate Soul Marriage imbued objects such as causing remote explosions throughout the Castle by seemingly lifting her finger, or manipulating the roof's tiles to form steps in thin air which she can use to freely jump around on. During the Great Disaster that occurred in Chaosflame and engulfed the entirety of the Red Lapis Castle, Yoruna cast Soul Marriage upon most of, if not all the residents of the city as well as the buildings themselves, allowing her to attack the shadows by manipulating nearby buildings and throwing them at the incoming tendrils.


  • Golden Kiseru: Yoruna can usually be seen walking around with her golden kiseru, taking in rainbow puffs of smoke at her own leisure. When in battle, though, she can be seen frequently using it as a weapon. With the application of her Soul Marriage technique, Yoruna can transform the rainbow smoke into some sort of a shield, capable of withstanding Olbart's numerous precise and strong kicks. When colliding with the aged shinobi's deadly kunai, it easily shattered the weapon without suffering a single dent or scratch, despite it serving as everything but a weapon. Furthermore, the kiseru's smoke can be observed having other magical-like properties, such as when Yoruna used it to rebuild a large hole created by Al during their escape from the initial encounter with the Divine General[4].


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