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Zabinel Lugnica (ザビーネル・ルグニカ) was the First Prince of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. He has yet to appear in any side stories or flashbacks, and was the first member of the Royal Family to fall ill and subsequently was the first die roughly a month later, due to a mysterious illness that plagued solely the Royal Family, killing all of them one by one.


Zabinel has yet to appear in the story, but as a member of the Royal Family it can be assumed he had gold hair and red eyes.


Due to not appearing in any of the side stories, flashbacks or in the main story, it's unknown what kind of man Zabinel Lugnica was.


First Prince Zabinel Lugnica was the first one to have been fallen ill with the mysterious illness that soon buried the entire Royal Family of Lugnica. First being thought to be the result of the First Prince overworking himself, Zabinel soon became more and more ill. Roughly a month following his initial symptoms and becoming bedridden, Zabinel was the first of the Royal Family of Lugnica to succumb to the unexplained illness. In the following days, the rest of the Royal Family died as well, suffering from the exact same illness as the First Prince.