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Zikr Osman (ズィクル・オスマン) is a Second-Class General of the Vollachian Imperial Army which was tasked to lead a force with the goal of subjugating the Shudrak Clan. He made his debut in Volume 27.

Following his defeat at the hands of Vincent Abellux, he joined the former Emperor's side.


Zikr Osman is a short and rather frail-looking man, with a hairstyle that would best be described as an afro.


While being a ladies man, Zikr Osman is said to be a very tactful individual, and thinks about his problems and acts accordingly, instead of throwing everything at a problem all at once, which earned him his previous nickname of "Coward". Unlike most of the other generals, Zikr takes time to bond with his troops to get to know them. Zikr is very devoted to the Emperor, and upon learning that the dancer Bianca is actually Vincent, he surrendered himself and his troops immediately and pledged loyalty to him.

He is also shown to be a rather caring towards his allies, as shown when he shielded Subaru from Arakiya's attack.




  • In the web novel, Zikr has his own named chapter, detailing his backstory and his upbringing. Strangely enough, that was also Zikr's debuting chapter, though he was brought up on several occasions prior as well.
    • This chapter was cut from the Light Novel, though most plot points have been preserved, as only the chapter's name has been changed.